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This song was inspired by God, putting you on a constant move on the platform of your greatness and fulfilment of purpose and the great plans of God for your life and generations to come.this song appreciates the best of your past and rises above the limits of your past. Whether it was good or not so good.

Don’t let your Past stop you. Be inspired to do greater things for yourself others and for God.Whatever it is, Your responsibility is to keep moving on and have a better today, better tomorrow and better future than yesterday. Your believe, your thinking and your actions make the differences and blessed achievements in life.God thinks and has good plans for you. (Jeremiah 29;11) (Phil. 3:13-14)(Phil 4:13 III John verse 2) You’re special.


Verse 1.
There’s a time for the rising It’s your time for the shinning Today is another day. Tomorrow is another day. This is what I do

I put the past behind Keep blessing me
I keep on moving
(Pressing on )

Pressing on, Pressing on, pressing on,
You Keep blessing me.I keep

( Repeat Chorus )

Verse 2;.
There’s a reason for a new day.
There are different seasons. There’s a reason for a brighter day
Positivity is what we need Forward ever, Backward never
As we keep on moving. This what I do
I put the past behind You keep blessing me.
I keep on moving.
(Pressing on)

( Repeat Chorus)
(Special part 1 and bridge) :

Pressing on prosperously Thanking you for everyday I give the praises to you Lord It’s all about you.
I see the morning sun brighten-up the way

See the shinning,Shinning light
Brighten-up the way
Brighten-up the way
Keep shinning on my way…

(Repeat Chorus)
(Special Part 2)

Ladies and gentle men.
I realized, the way we can get to our destination Is for us to keep pressing on.
We’ve got to learn how to control
Attractions, distractions and reactions
Cos you are precious
The Lord is your strength.
Oh oh hu oh oh hu oh oh ooooo

(Lead singer)
(Call): Forward ever, backward never, backward never
(All) (Response- same as the lead Singer )

(Lead singer)
(Call): Keep pressing on never go back
Keep pressing on never turn around.
( Same as the lead singer )
( Repeat Chorus as required )


Agulu Godswill

AGulu Godswill obiechina a.k.a Will AG is a Youth pastor evangelist, C.E.O Will Concept and HitGospelmusic Media. He is a content Creator, Artist Manager .

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