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Eme B is a Ghanian United States of America gospel music minister songwriter and a songleader.

She just droped a new video titled”WHO AM I
despite our shortcomings God is still faithful to us ,this shows that God loves us and he wants the best for his stream and share.

Who Am I By Minister Eme B Lyrics

Ebube Dike! (Glorious Warrior)
Eledumare! (God of Creation)
Olorun Agbaye oo! (You are mighty)

(Who am I that you love me this way?
That you love me this way,
That you love me this way)

Lord I am nothing more than a sinner,
Lord I’m nothing more than the dust than you formed into man,
But still you dey love me oh (It dey blow my mind 2x)
No power in the sky above,
No power in the earth below,
Could ever separate me from your love

(So I cry…OH OH OH OH OH
OH OH OH) 2x

I am the lost sheep that left your flock,
Your loving kindness and protection,
Yet you stretched out your hand and called me with affection
You chose me an unqualified child from among the best, and all the rest
And you washed me in the blood of the lamb
Lord you’ve made me an olive tree,
And I’m flourishing in your presence,
And I know that I just don’t deserve it
But you just blow my mind
You just blow my mind

(You just blow my mind I cannot explain,
I don’t understand,
I cannot express,
All the love I have for you,
Oshimiri Atata (The river that never runs dry)


Evang.Agulu Godswill

Evangelist Agulu Godswill is the c.e.o of , preacher, pastor , Evangelist,Music promoter,content creator,and a revivalist he loves soul Wining he is a public figure.

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