Event:Ready All Armies

Pst. Abedenego Jeremiah (S.O.T.P)

It is no doubt what they Lord is about to do in the world,a new breed of Ancient young genuine men and women are rising. the scripture must be fulfiled before Jesus comes,I will not waste my time here on earth.

early last year they Lord spoke to me as If tarry with him, and he said get  Ready all army first I was confuse  because am not a mega minister,I asked the lord so hw will I be able to gather them all but he came again and this time with full force. he said son hold a program and Ready all army My God the outcome of the program resulted to hungry and desperate youth.

We know the world is corrupted, but attention all army  it’s is time remember Joel 2:28 it is time let’s arise for the day of the lord is at hand.

Revival we rain on planet Earth

Attention all army 2022 must be taken for Jesus

Pst. Abednego Jeremiah calling out all army’s of Christ….the time is short


Agulu Godswill

AGulu Godswill obiechina a.k.a Will AG is a Youth pastor evangelist, C.E.O Will Concept and HitGospelmusic Media. He is a content Creator, Artist Manager .

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