How To Create Facebook Ad

How to create Facebook ad
Facebook is a social media platform, that has over 20 Million users across the globe.almost millions of business owners, in the world uses Facebook to advertise their business globaly.however they achieve this task by creating Facebook page and getting their products & services advertised through running Facebook ads.

These are 5 major ways to create Facebook ads
1.create Facebook ad manager
2.use attractive high qaulity images & design etc .
3.choose your Audience by choosing your desired location. out a budget for your ad.
5.Measure and manage your ad.


Evang.Agulu Godswill

Evangelist Agulu Godswill is the c.e.o of , preacher, pastor , Evangelist,Music promoter,content creator,and a revivalist he loves soul Wining he is a public figure.

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