The True Nigerian State As A Nation


THE titanic was a big ship with many floors. So luxurious at the top deck that the first class passengers could easily believe the story that it was unsinkable.
The lower decks were packed with lower class people that weren’t even counted when planning for lifeboats.

And when the titanic started sinking, water started filling up from under the ship. The lower decks where the lower class.

While those in the lower floors were struggling and dying,, those in the first class cabins on the higher floors had no idea that their end was nearby, they were making merry in the grand ballroom with champagne and wine dining, still living the lie that their ship was unsinkable.

As the ship tilted and made irregular movements, they looked around them at all the luxurious fittings and despite all the signs that they were in trouble, they just didn’t get it.

By the time they realized the danger they were in, it was too late to save themselves.

Nigeria is sinking, those at the bottom know it, while those at the top think it’s business as usual.

I wonder whether those elements among the lower class, blindly supporting these heartless APC AND PDP crooks are senseless. What a people! What a country!! LET’S BE OBI-DIENT!.


Evang.Agulu Godswill

Evangelist Agulu Godswill is the c.e.o of , preacher, pastor , Evangelist,Music promoter,content creator,and a revivalist he loves soul Wining he is a public figure.

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