Understanding The Time

Understanding the Time
The world today is getting worse day by day biblically we are in the end time , though in the world today there are lots of changes in technology nature , economy etc ,there is an Advancement in lots of things.Mean while lots of people are ingnorance of this time failing to understand what the time is all about will lead to lots of dangers .

Moreover there is need to understand the time and it takes a spiritual alertness to be have the knowledge of what this time is and what we must do to be prepared to be saved from the danger ahead.

There few signs that show we are in end time .
1.nation is rising against nation
2.hatred among Christians
3.multiplication of sins
4.many being lovers of them selves unthankful disobedient to parents etc.
5.the zeal of serving God ,goig out in the youths.

Let’s pray for God’s mercy and always watch and pray for the second coming of Jesus is at hand remain blessed.


Evang.Agulu Godswill

Evangelist Agulu Godswill is the c.e.o of , preacher, pastor , Evangelist,Music promoter,content creator,and a revivalist he loves soul Wining he is a public figure.

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