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Lisa Harris is a powerful  woman of God,who strongly believes in everlasting

love that God,has for his children.he is thesame forgiving God of yesterday,today and tomorrow.
Lisa has the privilege of growing, up in mixed cultures between Jamaica and Antigua.her childhood and adolescent years were spent singing in the church. and later moved in singing in bands and performing at various events in secular
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Lisa now dedicates her love and life ,to the ministry of God.and delivering his message. in 2018 Lisa released several, singles written and produced by her ,that emerged into her full length project .take me out of me,which genered (8) Antigua Barbuda Gospel music Awards to date .
A few artist who has inspire her.throughout her music career include,
Gladys Knight Aretha franklyn ,Bob Marley
Kevin Downswell ,and Shirley caeser.
She is positioned to reach ,more global audiance with her unique voice.
Lisa Harris is a wife and mother of two sons .

This Song is not only written for me personally but to bring encouragement and empowerment to the listening audience or with the intent to bring about a better understanding, one that would eventually inspire the individual to develop and maintain a close  or a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit. Understanding that in all, and above everything else God is indeed our refuge, security and fortress in accordance with Psalm 37:28 “For the Lord loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. They will be protected forever”. So in spite of whatever temptations you are experiencing in your walk with Christ you will not be overpowered by the flesh or the enemy. God is our Strong Tower.”

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Agulu Godswill

AGulu Godswill obiechina a.k.a Will AG is a Youth pastor evangelist, C.E.O Will Concept and HitGospelmusic Media. He is a content Creator, Artist Manager .

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